Car Rider Application - Submit by Aug. 31st

Car Rider Program Information & Application Form

Submit Application ASAP!

The deadline to submit the application is Aug. 31st 

Car Rider Program Guidelines

To participate in the
Car Rider Program, you must meet the following guidelines listed below:
● All students should be able to open the car door independently.
● All students must be able to buckle and unbuckle their seat-belt independently.
● Parents should NOT have to get out of the vehicle to assist the student for any reason.

● Students will NOT be allowed to switch back and forth between the bus and car rider.

● Parents may ONLY carpool with one other family and the students from both families must be included on the application.

● Parents must be able to back into a parking space and follow the directions of ALL staff in the parking lot.

*NOTE: If you do not meet the Car Rider guidelines, you may come inside daily to pick up your
child. This is referred to as the “Daily Parent Pick-up”.*

Please Click on the below link for the parent letter,  application and more information about procedures and the application process. 

 Car Rider Parent Letter & Application