May 02

FAQ about Florence Bowser Elementary Closing and Merging with Driver Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

Closing of Florence Bowser Elementary and Merging with Driver Elementary

When will the transition take place?


By June 24th, Florence Bowser is expected to be empty


Will Driver be able to accommodate the students from both schools?


Yes.  Currently there are several empty classrooms which will be able to appropriately handle all of the additional students.  It will require having mobile units placed onsite.


What grade level will be placed in the mobile units?


Fourth Grade will be in the mobile units.  Additionally some other resource classes like gifted, special education, occupational and physical therapy and speech may be placed in mobile units.


Is there an expectation that class sizes will increase?


Transitioning the building will not affect class sizes; however, there is never a way to determine if class sizes will increase from year to year. That is strictly based on the number of families moving into and out of an area.


How will the transition affect staffing?


All teachers and assistants will transition to Driver.  The positions that will be affected will be the positions that currently have a staff person filling that position at both schools (example – the nurse, the secretary/bookkeeper, and custodial staff). All positions are guaranteed however locations are to be determined.


Will school hours and bus routes be affected?


School hours should remain the same. The buses are shared between the two buildings currently so it will only mean that all students will be picked up at one location.




Will this transition mean that the older and younger students will be sharing bathrooms?


No.  All of the lower grade students (ECSE, Early Start and Kindergarten) will have a bathroom either in their classroom or between two classrooms.